“I simply cannot recommend anyone more highly than I do Julie. I have had the good fortune to work with her over the past two years, and I have first hand experience of her energy, talent and communications skills as she worked with me to create and then execute a strategic communications plan. In addition to prodigious and consistent high quality work output, she provided me along the way with many thoughtful insights, and her persistence and encouragement has had a measurable and continuing impact on my own ability to perform effectively in my job. Julie possesses a rare combination of skills: she is excellent at understanding her clients' expectations and skill-sets, along with careful research as to the subject matter and the audiences involved. She also has a remarkably quick aptitude to learn and master areas new to her, and she accelerates very quickly up any learning curve she is faced with. Her skills span both verbal and written communications, to audiences small and large. I am a grateful beneficiary of the value-add that Julie provides, and I am completely confident that any group or organization she partners with will feel the same way.”

-- Barry Fink, Chief Operating Officer, American Century Investments

“Julie is an outstanding communicator! She has both strategic vision and the ability to execute communications programs and projects flawlessly. Besides this, she is a wonderful colleague with solid integrity and work ethic. I hope it is obvious that I think the world of her professionally and personally.”

-- Patricia Harden, Harden Communications Partners, LLC 

“While working with Julie at Mercer, I observed her strong work ethic and talents. She continually met and exceeded client expectations. She is a fabulous writer and communicator. She is terrific at taking a very complex subject such as employee benefits and making it simple and easy for the rank and file employee to understand. I was also impressed with her thoroughness and attention to detail. Julie is very ethical and always keeps her clients’ best interest in mind. We have remained in close touch and now work together on projects with the Kansas City Compensation & Benefits Association (KCCBA). I highly recommend Julie for any project, knowing she will do a great job!”

-- Julie Barnett Davis, KCCBA Board Member

“I have had the privilege to work with Julie on several projects over the years. She has a keen ability to listen to her business partners and provide a thoughtful recommendation on the most effective approach to the communications issue at hand. I watched her in action as she continually balanced her communications responsibilities for senior management with her desire to keep employees informed on key business issues. Julie's desire to make information actionable is what differentiates her as a business partner.”

-- Lisa Cahoon, Senior Project Manager, Service Management Company